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I don’t think you need a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon to tell you the answer to this one. I mean, I’m fairly certain that if it were “yes,” you wouldn’t have to even ask. It wouldn’t be a big secret—it would be like getting “Lasik” and nearly every woman over the age of thirty would have had it done by now.

So as a surgeon Board-Certified in both Plastic and General Surgery, specializing in body contouring for over ten years, I have made an honest list of options for “treating” cellulite:

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Well.  About four years ago the market exploded (right before it tanked) with a bunch of “liposuction lasers” that were supposed to painlessly melt fat away in under an hour–no anesthesia, no surgery. My patients all started asking me about the Smartlipo™ and the Cool Lipo™ and the Slim Lipo™, etc. They’d read online that you could just have it done in the office, no “going under,” none of that taboo “liposuction” was necessary.

I own a Smartlipo™ machine. And I think it does accomplish some things. But it is not a replacement for liposuction.

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Yes. In fact, I did one in the office the other day for a forty-five year-old woman under her chin to give her more definition around her jawline. She took an antibiotic, a Valium and a Percocet beforehand and she was sleepy and high, but other than that I used all local anesthesia and she was awake the whole time, and she had no pain.

However, this answer has to be clarified. The amount of lipo you can do under local is limited for the following reasons:

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