Can’t I just have lipo done under local

Yes. In fact, I did one in the office the other day for a forty-five year-old woman under her chin to give her more definition around her jawline. She took an antibiotic, a Valium and a Percocet beforehand and she was sleepy and high, but other than that I used all local anesthesia and she was awake the whole time, and she had no pain.

However, this answer has to be clarified. The amount of lipo you can do under local is limited for the following reasons:

1)   You’re limited by the amount of local anesthesia that you can use. All liposuction is done with wetting (or “tumescent”) solution, which is put into the area first before the fat is removed. This is what controls pain and bleeding. When the patient is awake, you’re depending completely on the local anesthetic for pain control, and you can get much closer to the dosage limit much faster. Bottom line: You can’t use as much.

2)   It can be tricky to do the fine “sculpting” because you have to use so much more local fluid—the area gets more swollen and the end result is harder to judge.

3)   The patient must be patient. It is tedious—for everyone involved!– to do a good lipo under local and it can take several hours. The numbing fluid has to put in very slowly so the patient doesn’t feel it, and if they don’t fall asleep, he/she has to be willing to lie there awake, listening to their IPod or texting on their phone or talking to me the whole time. But as you can imagine, it takes a certain personality to be able to handle that. Also, if we’re doing more than one area, the patient usually has to get up and go to the bathroom in the middle because the fluid absorbs. Not everyone can handle this approach.

4)   I can only speak for myself, but I can definitely be more aggressive when the patient is asleep—I can get much more fat out and it is easier to “feather” the areas because I’m not limited by the local.

So, you can see that all liposuction is not created equal.

  1. Penrose Anderson said:

    Love Lipo Queen. Thank you and keep posting. I am learning so much!

  2. Penny said:

    Hi, Lipo Queen, here’s my issue. It’s a bit embarrassing. I’m thirty-two and people tell me I look great but I don’t like my arms, especially my upper arms. No matter how much I work out (and I do), including working with weights, they remain kinda thick-looking to me, not toned enough. Can we sculpt them into slender but toned arms? Also, my fingers tend to have the same problem (my boyfriend says I’m nuts) and I wonder if you do lipo on fingers?

    • Penny,
      I understand. When you interact with other people, they are usually focusing on your face, and it is your upper body that defines you as “thin” or “not thin.” For instance, if you have a skinny neck and a collarbone that sticks out a little and skinny arms, others will automatically think of you as “tiny” even if you have secret saddlebags and a butt that you wish were smaller. I have a lot of patients who have great bodies but get obsessed about their “thick” arms, because they make them feel “big” when they’re not, and they feel self-conscious in anything sleeveless. Especially in someone young like you with good skin, liposuction is definitely an option to remove the fat that’s hiding your muscles and make your arms look more “toned.” Also, if there is fat on the side of your chest wall and upper back, it can “push” the fat out when your arm is at your side and make it look even worse, so I have found that removing that at the same time is extremely helpful.
      Sorry, no finger lipo.

  3. Robert said:

    Hi, I just got back from a visit with Dr.Memsic and she will call you about me. I need Lipo for my lower abdomen,She says your the best in town! I will call and set it up soon.

    • Thank you! And tell her thanks! Look forward to seeing you!

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