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I just had my first Pellevé™ skin tightening treatment a few days ago and I have to say, I am impressed. The skin around my eyes definitely looks less “crinkly”—no matter how hard I smile!–and there was no downtime at all. Even my husband agreed there was an improvement, and he never notices anything. I take that back. He would probably notice if I got a breast aug.

Christine at Ava MD is really excited about this new laser, and I totally trust her. I have also seen a lot of good reviews about it online. My next treatment is in a month. At that time we are also going to try the Accent™ skin tightening Read More

I get a lot of “curbside consults” from my patients, showing me skin lesions (“moles”) that they “should really get removed someday” and ask if I can do it for them.

The answer is, “Yes, I absolutely can,” and “Yes, I am a plastic surgeon and I can give you the best scar possible,” but that doesn’t mean that the lesion should always necessarily be excised. The two main deciding factors are:

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For everyone who woke up this morning and cursed their cellulite/muffin top/saddle bags/crow’s feet/crinkly upper eyelids…I love this video!!!!

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 – LQ

I never used to take facials seriously. I always thought they were just indulgent treatments for other people who had all kinds of extra time. I have had a total of four of them in my entire life.

The only reason I got the first three was because I had to redeem the gift cards. And those first three were what I thought facials were all about—someone massaging your face with multiple creams with different exotic fragrances in a dimly lit room with “calming” music piped in overhead. Things like that have the opposite effect on me—I lie there the whole time, thinking about all of the things I have to do and wondering when it will be done.

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