Update on Pellevé™ for skin tightening around the eyes!

I just had my first Pellevé™ skin tightening treatment a few days ago and I have to say, I am impressed. The skin around my eyes definitely looks less “crinkly”—no matter how hard I smile!–and there was no downtime at all. Even my husband agreed there was an improvement, and he never notices anything. I take that back. He would probably notice if I got a breast aug.

Christine at Ava MD is really excited about this new laser, and I totally trust her. I have also seen a lot of good reviews about it online. My next treatment is in a month. At that time we are also going to try the Accent™ skin tightening on my neck (I know, I know, it’s a slippery slope…)  I AM ABSOLUTELY NOT trying to look twenty years old again. But I wouldn’t mind looking thirty-five…:)

Will keep everyone posted on the Pellevé™.

…Also, a BIG shout-out to Francesca Paige SkinI wish I’d come to see you five years ago!!!! After just that one treatment, and now using the Clarisonic®, my skin is one hundred percent improved.

  1. carina said:

    Wow, I’m so curious to ear the final verdict!
    And have you ever tried Accent on the eyes before?
    Eyes/jowls/neck = hell. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing this!!

    • I have not tried the Accent on the eyes. Christine recommended it for my neck–no down time!–but I think I’m going to go for the Fraxel. It’s time!!!:) xo

      • carina said:

        Fraxel? Wait, didn’t you just have Pelleve on the eyes? Where are you having Fraxel?

      • For my neck!!!!

  2. Sara Singer Schiff said:

    Skin tightening?? Really??? Does it work on sagging bat arms??? ie. that lovely flap of skin where my tricep used to be that now flaps like a sheet in the wind! If this laser can improve it (I’m not asking for miracles – just an improvement would be nice!) then SIGN ME UP!!!

    • Sorry it won’t work for that…:( But there are some non-invasive treatments that give a small amount of improvement if you keep them up like Titan and Refirme.

  3. Susan Morin said:

    I look alot better when I streach my face up/back.Do I need a skin tightening treatment?

  4. Botox said:

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  5. Tdaye said:

    How’s the Pelleve’ now that you have had it a few months?

    • It was really good, but I think I need to do it again. Not sure how “long-lasting” it is. For a while everyone was telling me how great my eyes looked, but honestly it’s probably been six months since I did it last and I need to do it again. Also, Christine wants to try it on my neck. Will keep you updated!

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