Update on and Fraxel and Pelleve

Okay, this Fraxel® definitely worked. I noticed a difference as soon as the swelling went down when I caught a glimpse of myself in a three-way mirror. Three-way mirrors can be scary, but they keep you honest. My jawline looks smoother, and my skin texture feels better. I will say that it was swollen for two days, which was not a good look without the scarf. However, it wasn’t crazy–if you didn’t know me you would have just thought I had a fat neck. I’ve had those horizontal tree-trunk rings around my neck since I can remember so I always assumed they were genetic and never bothered to address them, but Christine says no, they probably just started at a young age on me because I sleep on my side. So that’s great.  But now I really think they’re less noticeable. My husband used to call me “ET neck,” and I haven’t heard it for days. I will need two more treatments, but I’m not afraid, because with an hour of numbing cream beforehand, it really didn’t hurt. And apparently Fraxel® is the way to go for the neck, even though you have to do it in a few treatments. My sources tell me that although the CO2 Laser is a one-shot deal, not only is there significant downtime (which isn’t practical for most of us) but there is significant risk of hypopigmentation.

The Pelleve is absolutely working. I had the second treatment around my eyes today—you’re supposed to do three, spaced out four weeks apart– and I am seeing less crinkly skin. And this one has no downtime at all.

The other thing I love is the Fotofacial/IPL which is amazing for any redness like rosacea, and especially those annoying spider veins around the nose. It’s extremely satisfying because you see instant results with no downtime and they do an awesome job over at AVA MD, but you do have to get it every few months.

If anyone is interested in the science behind how these lasers actually work (stimulation of collagen production, resurfacing, etc) let me know and I’ll post it.

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. marilyn cambier said:

    I would definitely be interested in the science behind the treatments you discussed. I may not understand it all, but even if what I understand is only a little bit, I want the option of knowing (or thinking that I do sort of.) Thanks for sharing.


  2. Dee Rennolds said:

    Would you please comment on the difference between Ultherapy by Ulthera and the current Fraxel treatment.

    • Absolutely. I am in the process of putting together a “Guest Blog” from the laser experts at Ava MD. Stay tuned!

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