John Schneider…even hotter as an adult and somewhat related tips on Botox

Okay girls, here’s some eye candy for you. My friend John Schneider has allowed me to pimp him out to make a point. First of all, for the record–no, he’s not single. He’s just a great example of someone who has allowed himself to age and looks even better than he would have if he’d started having his face puffed, pulled and frozen to get rid of all the lines. The informal poll taken of everyone that came into my office this week has led to the general consensus that he looks even better now than he did during his “hunky” days on Dukes of Hazzard:

John Schneider then…

Although, I’ve had to be honest with him, I never really watched Dukes of Hazzard—back in those days I was too busy keeping up with Family Ties and The Facts of Life. But I think I might have stirred up a little John Schneider fan club here right in my office…:)

Actually, John still has a huge fan base and if you’re interested you can check out what he’s been up to at

And even though we hear about him every day, I don’t think anyone will be opposed to being forced to look at pictures of George Clooney, another great example of someone who keeps getting better with age:

In comparison, I think it’s safe to say that Mickey Rourke’s aging process hasn’t gone quite as well:

Young Mickey Rourke

Now, ageless in appearance

And yes, I’ve heard the story about how he was a boxer and had to have plastic surgery to fix his injuries, but did they have to blow out all the wrinkles in his face? It looks like his lips are still swollen from getting punched at his last boxing match.

I know, I know, it’s not fair to just show pictures of men, because they’re so much better at aging than we are. So here are some analogous female comparisons:

Helen Mirren as a doe-eyed young beauty–doesn’t she look a little like Gwyneth Paltrow here?

…and now, no longer “young” but still beautiful 

Compared to:

And now…she doesn’t look old, but the expression is gone, and she doesn’t look like herself anymore.

So in addition to trying to drive traffic to my blog with posting pictures of celebrities, what’s the point I’m trying to make?

John certainly could be having little tweaks done to his face. So could George Clooney and Helen Mirren. But even if they are…they are doing it the right way. I think the key here to not “crossing over” is to maintain at least some character in your face. Don’t get me wrong–there are certain parts of your face that do fine without any character whatsoever. Like the center of your brow, for instance. Being able to frown is completely overrated. For this, Botox® has been an amazing discovery and I also highly recommend it for softening (though not obliterating) the creases that go across your forehead.

For those of you who have never had Botox® because you’re afraid you’ll wind up looking frozen, just trust me. I do mine myself, and it wears off so gradually that when it’s gone I look in the mirror and think, “Oh, I look okay, I don’t need it.” And then one day I stop being lazy and just do it and after a few days I start thinking, “Wow, I look a lot better than I feel,” and then I remember it’s the Botox®, and I promise myself I’m never going to let it go that long again.

But one area I try to go light on in my patients–and I never do on myself—is the crow’s feet(lateral area next to your eye.)  Crow’s feet have never bothered me. When I first started practicing I used the “standard” recommended dose of twenty to twenty-five units on each side for everyone, but now I usually use only three to five. I think that when you have no lines there, it causes a disconnect between your eyes and your mouth when you smile. And have you noticed that completely getting rid of your crow’s feet can make the crinkling under your eyes even worse? That’s because the muscle being targeted–the orbicularis oculiis circular around your eye. When you paralyze it laterally, it will increase its movement inferiorly. If you’re having that problem, and you don’t want to decrease your crow’s feet Botox® dose, you can ask your doctor about adding a unit of Botox® to your lower eyelid, just below the lash line.

So I think the “take home”  (or the “take to your plastic surgeon/dermatologist/nurse practitioner”) message here is that it’s better to look older than to lose all character in your face. If there are some lines that make you look a little more “mature” but not “bad,” consider leaving them alone. Consider decreasing your Botox® dose. And this goes for men especially. The “overdone” female face is still widely accepted by society, but the male one is not.

Although, you middle-aged guys certainly could kick it up a notch when it comes to taking care of your bodies.  It’s disappointing, but even here in the glamour capital of the world, there seems to be some unspoken rule that women have to stay in shape to be attractive, but the majority of straight men think it’s totally okay to grow a beer belly. And if you don’t believe me, check out a conference room full of a bunch of “professionals” at the Century City Hyatt Regency and see for yourself. FYI—you guys might actually get more action with some abs than with a Black Card.

But we should end on a positive note, shouldn’t we?  🙂

John’s P90X addiction certainly doesn’t seem to have hurt him at all

And if you guys can’t get rid of your love handles with simply working out, don’t be shy–that’s what I’m here for!



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  1. Susan said:

    This really was an eye opener for me.I so agree that all of us women in L.A.Work and work to keep fit but the men don’t.[well…some do.]Probably because women’s self esteem comes [partially]from her looks,while menderive self esteem from their carreer,success,business.

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