Acne scar study with compensation!

I just found out about this study being conducted by nationally renowned facial plastic surgeon Dr. John Joseph here in Beverly Hills. If you have deep acne scars that you would like to get rid of, see below:

Has acne left scars on your cheeks? If you have moderate to severe acne scars on your cheeks, you may be eligible to take part in a voluntary research study lasting up to twenty months for the treatment of your acne scars with an FDA-approved dermal filler or placebo. Participants must be at least eighteen years of age, in good health, and have at least four individual scars on the cheeks.

Qualified participants may be compensated for time and travel.

For more information, please contact:

Irma Garcia

Dr. John H. Joseph, M.D.

9400 Brighton Way, Suite 403

Beverly Hills, CA 90210


Have a great weekend!



  1. Susan said:

    It’s hard to believe that those old acne scar’s can still be a nuisance.It’s great to be “made aware” of one’s options.

  2. marques allen said:

    Im a 32 yr old male. Phx az. Severe acne scars on cheeks, pretty much entire face. Marques Allen. Would like details on qualifications to participate. Thank you.

    • Hello Marques,
      Unfortunately I don’t have any more information about the trial than what’s in the blog post. I do think that there are some criteria–at least some of the scars have to be a certain depth but I am not sure how deep, or how many. Dr. John Joseph’s office is running the trial and his coordinator can give you all the info. Their number is 310-855-7140.
      Good Luck!

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