Do men like breast implants?

This is an easy one. I’ll go out on a limb here and say pretty much, yes. Men like breasts, period. Real and fake. All men are “breast men.” They just won’t tell you they are if you don’t have them.

How do I know this? I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve witnessed the following scenario:

A woman comes in to discuss breast augmentation. She’s not asking to look like a stripper. (Though most men find absolutely nothing wrong with that, either.) Generally she’s in her late thirties/early forties, since we’re in Los Angeles she weighs about ten pounds less than the average woman her height in the United States, and exercises about twice as much. She doesn’t even like big breasts. She just feels that hers are starting to make her look old. They’ve deflated and sagged after childbearing and breastfeeding and she wants to replace the volume and regain the youthful shape. She just wants to look like she’s wearing a bra, without wearing a bra.

She’s keeping this first meeting a secret from her husband or significant other because he would “kill her” or “die” himself if he found out she was even considering breast implants. He would never understand. Even though she has to wear painful push-up bras with two inches of padding all of the time just to get back to square one, he thinks her body is perfect the way it is.

So back to this first meeting in my office. She’s wearing a wife-beater and she’s got small Allergan® silicone implant sizers tucked into the try-on bra. Finally, after about half an hour of staring wistfully from all angles at her reflection in my full-length three-way mirror, she hands back the sizers and sighs. Oh, well. She loves how they look but her husband/significant other would never be okay with this. He doesn’t believe in breast implants, like we’re talking about the Easter Bunny. That’s fine, I tell her. I absolutely understand. But we’re here if you change your mind.

Fast forward about a month and now we’re having a second meeting, with the husband/significant other in tow. Her fortieth or forty-fifth or fiftieth birthday is coming up and she’s decided she really wants to do this. Since I am so good at explaining things and making her feel comfortable, she wants me to explain it to her husband, convince him that it’s not really such a crazy idea. Especially since he’s going to fund it.

The husband turns out to be much less opinionated and controlling than the picture she’s painted of him, especially when it comes to a discussion about making her breasts artificially bigger. There she is, standing in front of the mirror again with a pair of 210 cc style 10’s under the wife-beater (my go-to implant for the “natural look”), asking for his opinion. He’s trying to appear uninterested and neutral about the whole thing, staring at my blank white wall, down at the floor, out the window at the view of the side of a brick building. Again he recites his mantra: “This is totally up to her. I don’t think she needs it. She’s beautiful, perfect the way she is.” But when he is finally forced to give an opinion, the tell-all words slip out of his mouth as he tries to keep his expression as objective as possible, “Well, if you’re going to do it, you might as well go a little bigger.”

Together they pick a size and she schedules the procedure. Her husband arrives to get her after the surgery and again he is expressionless and objective, overly focused on how to take care of her that night, when she can take what medication, what position she should be sleeping in. He averts his eyes from her tightly wrapped, newly-enhanced chest.

At the post-op visit when her new rack is unveiled for the first time, I can detect a smile flicker across his face, but he’s trying to keep it under wraps. “They look great, honey,” he says, as objectively as possible, like he’s admiring a new set of dining room chairs.

At her visit a week later she reveals to me with genuine shock in her voice: “He loves them.” And then after a month she tells me how he demands to see them every night when he comes home from work, and that their sex life has improved dramatically.

So is it possible that all of his earlier talk about “hating breast implants” and saying that you’re “perfect the way you are” is just political and safe? I mean, your husband is not stupid enough to agree with you when you say, “My breasts look deflated and old and I need implants, what do you think?” It’s like asking if a pair of jeans makes you look fat. Unless he’s a total fool and wants to sleep outside, he’s never going to tell you, “Yes, your muffin-top looks disgusting. You should change into something loose-fitting.” He does love you the way you are, and he does still find you attractive, but he doesn’t care enough about the little details to get into trouble over them.

I am absolutely not advocating that we all go out and get breast implants (although I know that my husband would be thrilled if I did.) All I’m saying is that if you really  want them, and the reason you’re holding back is because you’re afraid your husband would be horrified at the mention of them, you might be pleasantly surprised. I’ve just never had a patient come back after her breast augmentation and say, “My husband is repulsed. He won’t touch me. He is demanding that I take them out.”

Food for thought! Happy Sunday!



  1. jeannie hodges said:

    What a way with words! Your the best. See you in a couple of weeks.

  2. Susan said:

    L.Q.,I love to read your blog.You’re funny.You totally nailed it again.I have to slide with you on this one.Since my augmentation,all those “leg men” have pretty much seemed to like breasts as well!Who knew.Men don’t care if they are natural or silicone…as long as they don’t look artificial.Thank’s to you everything looks fine on my end…..and yes…they do ask to see them alot!

  3. Betty said:

    L.Q. you are absolutely right. My husband is thrilled that my breast will be augmented in 30 days. We both can’t wait!

  4. mrman said:

    Well, I think the story is very inciteful as to how the man and woman behave in this
    situation, and I found it funny and truthful.

    There’s an overtone here of accusing the man
    of being sneaky or manipulative, or somehow a “cad” because he likes implants.

    As a man, here’s how I see this.

    He may like the idea of her getting implants, but he’s not going to push her
    into it. That’s not phony. It’s being respectful.
    Now be fair here. There are lots of things a mate may wish you did or wish you were,
    but you aren’t. And as a mature mate, they accept this. They love you for what you are and
    don’t keep complaining about all the things they wish you “could be.”

    But that does not mean that those other features wouldn’t be attractive to them or desirable if you had them.
    So look at it from the husband’s point of view here.

    He likes the idea, doesn’t want to force her into it, so he backs off and lets her decide if she wants
    them or not without ever pressuring her. He knows that if she gets them, it must be something
    that *she* wants and she can’t ever feel like he forced her into it.

    So he, rightly, keeps his mouth shut. The only time he comments is when she finally
    pins him down while she’s trying the sizers on and asks him directly, “What do you think?”
    He has been trying to let this be all up to her. Now he has to answer. What should he do? Lie?
    NO! He tells her the truth. If she’s going to do it, he would like them bigger.

    There’s a big flaw in the theory that these experiences prove that all men like breast implants.
    You are basing this on seeing cases of women coming into a plastic surgeon’s office.
    You are looking at a pre-selected segment of the population: women who want implants.
    And I’ll go out on a limb here. I would posit that most of these women you see in the office
    also deep down know that their husbands would like implants.

    They are just afraid to talk about it or admit it.
    Her prattling on about how “he would never like this” is all a smoke screen. She wants
    everyone to think that her man would say “Heck no, I want you natural”. But no. She knows.
    She knows he would like them.

    So your preselected group of the population is women who want them, who know that their
    husbands would also like them. Based on that group, of course it looks like all men like implants!

    The ones who don’t? You never see their wives in your office. They already know that their
    husband REALLY doesn’t like implants, so they don’t even start the process.

    • Thank you for your comments. I really appreciate your male perspective. But please let me clarify that I was not suggesting that the husband is being phony or “sneaky” or “manipulative” or a “cad” at all. Really what the title should have been was: “Do men like bigger breasts?”
      If you are a genetically small-breasted woman, implants (and now, fat transfer) are really your only options for increasing your cup size. Your significant other isn’t going to insult you and tell you to GET breast implants, but I have yet to meet a man that was truly opposed to his wife/girlfriend having larger breasts.
      That’s all I meant. Is that for women who want breast implants, don’t believe your guy if he says he doesn’t like them. He’s probably just being polite. If you want them, he will most likely LOVE yours.

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