Another fab guest blog from Christine Nell, NP: What is the difference between Accent XL and Pelleve?

You asked and we answered:

Both Accent XL and Pelleve are radiofrequency devices; therefore, they both help with skin tightening and texture.  However, they are different in that Accent XL has two different hand pieces.  One hand piece is unipolar, which means it goes deeper to help with cellulite, fat reduction, and deep tissue tightening.  The other hand piece is bipolar radiofrequency, which means it goes more superficial to help with skin texture on the skin surface.  The Pelleve uses monopolar radiofrequency which helps with fine lines and lifting without reducing facial fat.

Thank you, Christine!



P.S.  Some of you may think I am contradicting myself by mentioning the Accent XL in association with cellulite reduction. I have not had experience with it myself, but my sources over at AVA MD tell me it does work, so I am going to have to check it out and will give you my verdict…:)

  1. Susan. said:

    Dear l.Q…..I NEED THIS!!!!I’ll call you monday.Thanks!

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