So who’s ready for Magic Mike?

I realize that by writing this post I’m risking turning this blog into just another fun blurb that channels our inner twenty-two year-olds, but I can’t help myself. Besides, Lipo Queen is an objective source of inside information about what what we can do to keep looking good. This blog is about beauty, after all. And, well, ummm…what’s more beautiful than this?

This is a still from the movie “Magic Mike” which hits theaters this Friday and this is one film I’m not going to wait for on DVD. Because judging from the picture above, it really doesn’t matter if it sucks. It stars Channing Tatum and it’s about hot male strippers with perfect bodies who have their shirts off most of the time, and that’s really all we need to know. Besides, the fact that it’s based on the true story of how he got his acting career off the ground by dancing in male strip clubs makes for an intriguing documentary—don’t you think?

When I first saw the trailers for this movie I immediately Googled it for more info and discovered that apparently I wasn’t the only red-blooded American female anxiously awaiting its premiere. There were already thousands of posts on the Internet from women counting down the days. It’s undoubtedly going to be the biggest stampede at the box office since Twilight.

I casually asked my husband if he would like to see it with me, and pretended to be disappointed when he gave me a fast and definite “no.” I did offer, after all. I guess I’ll just have to leave him at home while I go along on the girls’ night out. 😉

But what fascinates me the most—and the real reason I wanted to write about it—is how timely it is. I bet Warner Brothers can’t believe their amazing luck. The timing could not have been better. A year ago trailers for a movie like this would have seemed “cheesy”–or at least, that’s what we’d be expected to say about them. But “Fifty Shades” has opened the floodgates and made it perfectly acceptable for women to have controversial discussions centered around fantasizing about hot sex from a complete stranger. Besides, most of us are done with the books and now we’ve got something even better to look forward to. This movie is going to ride the aftermath of the hysteria that E. L. James created. Universal may have gotten the movie rights to her book, but this is the movie that’s going to make a billion dollars. And I’ll take Channing Tatum over that creepy Christian Grey any day.

And by the way, if anyone is interested, it just got an amazing review in The Hollywood Reporter and on Rotten Tomatoes… 🙂 See you there!



P.S. To make this a legitimate LQ post, I will mention that this weekend I was at the 96th Annual Pacific Coast Oto Ophalmological Society Meeting in Lake Tahoe, where I gave a talk on my technique for performing Liposuction Under Local Anesthesia

  1. Jamie Iannolo said:

    Cant wait to see it!
    Finally, a movie centered around men for women instead of the other way around!

    • Susan said:

      L.Q…You make me giggle…[and jiggle,fortunately]I’m going.

      • So glad! It’s going to be fun! XO

  2. Will said:

    Hi L Q!

    I’m a man who is very fond of his food (as anyone who has ever seen me with my shirt off can testify).

    Needless to say, the otherwise superb bone and muscle structure of my torso is obscured from view by a frustrating layer of excess calorie-filled pudge.

    You seem to have a good appreciation of the asthetics of the human body and indeed as this post shows, not only the female body.

    Do you think that as a female plastic surgeon with such high aesthetic standards you are in a better position than most to perform liposuction on a man? After all you are potentially familiar with what may need to be addressed on a man to improve, let’s say, his beach-cred!

    As you can guess the removal of my shirt is not something I undertake lightly (Unless behind a convinient waist-high obstacle to hide my jiggly tummy).

    Is my story a familiar one in your line of work?

    • Hello Will!

      Thank you for reading and I’m glad you found the Magic Mike post inspirational :). I think that any plastic surgeon who can look at a Magic Mike poster, or photographs of the American Olympic Water Polo team–like the one that graced a recent cover of the local Westlake Magazine–and can identify the technical details of what makes those guys look so incredible–broad shoulders, the V-shaped torso, the six-pack, and the inguinal ligament (that coveted “line” between the front of the thigh and the abdomen) is in the best position to sculpt someone like yourself who needs more “definition.” As a woman who appreciates amazing male bodies, I might be in a better position for this task than most men, as they probably don’t spend as much time looking at such details, but it’s not fair for me to make such a blanket statement. But it’s true, you want the person doing it to have very high aesthetic standards. Meanwhile, your situation is VERY common. While most of my patients are women, I do see quite a few men with your issue. By the time they hit their mid-thirties, unless they are professional athletes or actors who spend an inordinate amount of time working out and not eating, a man starts getting “love handles” and a stomach pooch, no matter how thin he is. I have offered my husband help but he refuses.

      However, if you are going to have some body sculpting, you need to know if the fat is superficial (under the skin, outside of the abdominal wall) and not inside. If your abdominal wall is really hard, like a “beer belly” then the fat is probably deep, and cannot be liposuctioned. It can only be lost with diet and exercise. This is also common in men. A consultation with a plastic surgeon should be able to give you the answers.

      Good luck!


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