It’s Halloween, but your Botox doesn’t have to be scary!

Not scary looking, and not scary for your bank account. 🙂

It’s a fact. This Botox®/Filler game is expensive. The older you get, the more it costs to get back to square one. I often ask myself, if I wasn’t in an industry where it was so accessible (and cheaper, obviously) would I even be able to do it? If I didn’t have an ongoing trade with my hairdresser who likes his face to be frozen and filled out at all times, would I be doing my roots myself? By the way, if you’re in a bind and you can’t get to your hair guy/girl L’Oreal Root Rescue® is fantastic! Under ten dollars at CVS, easy to apply, doesn’t smell, you can pick the wrong color and it still looks fine…

But back to the main issue. Here are my insider’s tips on how to make the most of your Botox Budget”:

1) Find an injector you like (preferably referred by someone you know) and if you’re getting the results you want with that person (whether it’s a nurse, nurse practitioner, dermatologist or plastic surgeon) stick with them.This is not the time to go jumping around with Groupon deals. All Botox is not created equal. LITERALLY. It comes as a powder and is diluted with saline to turn it into liquid. This means that the injector can dilute it out as much as they want, to get the most mileage from it. Which means if you’re paying half-price somewhere, it’s likely that the Botox is half as strong. There are definitely places where they use so much of it that they get a discount they’ll pass on to the patient, but a good question to ask the injector is, “How much do you use to dilute it?”

Besides, when you stay loyal with one injector, they will usually start giving you discounts after a certain period of time. I have a starting rate per unit, and then what I call the “F and F”( friends and family) rate for my long-term patients.

2) If you’re a Botox virgin, first starting out, GO SLOW. You may not need as much as you’re paying for. For instance, someone with deep frown lines may need twenty-five units or more to erase them, but if yours aren’t that bad, you may be able to get rid of them with fifteen. You can always go back and get more. But you may never know if you’ve been getting twenty-five from the get-go.

So keep track of how much you’re getting in each area. Record it in the notepad in your phone. (I know most of you already have your phone in your hands and you’re texting away while you’re getting it done anyway because that’s what my patients do :))

3) And to specifically avoid this famous scary look:

Make sure your injector puts a couple of units above the arch of your brow.

Happy Halloween!



  1. quatima said:

    Thank you so much giving me info about anesthesia because I was going crazy …..I see you mention about more than on surgery at the same time what about bbl is that considered more than one procedure

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