Monthly Archives: November 2012

Those of you who know me have already heard that I had my appendix out a week ago. It was so random and unexpected–I was in the office all day seeing patients, feeling fine and started getting a stomach ache around eight pm that wouldn’t go away. The funny thing is, I’m still board-certified in general surgery, and something serious like appendicitis was the last thing on my mind. I just figured it was because I hadn’t eaten much all day. But the China Coast Salad from Islands (shout-out to Laura!:)) at nine pm made it worse. I guess I should’ve realized something was wrong when the Lipo Queen Total Body Contouring By Design Veronique garment that had been a very comfortable, supportive second skin all week, suddenly felt a little too tight. How could I have gotten too fat for my own custom-made prototype in a day?

Fortunately, my husband finally convinced me to go to the hospital, and we rolled into the Cedars ER at 3:30 A.M. Also fortunate is that we have a good friend who is an amazing general surgeon there–Dr. Miguel Burch. He is a wizard with the laparoscope, and within twenty-four hours I was home–sans appendix–pain-free and watching bad television. In fact, I was back at work so fast that I’m not getting any sympathy. My patients have all been saying “You look really good. Did you just do something to your face? A laser? A peel?”

“Well, I just had an appendectomy,” I tell them. “But I wouldn’t recommend it.”

Besides the fact that I had a fantastic surgeon, it could be the extra IV fluid I’m still retaining from my hospital stay, puffing out all the lines on my face. But most likely it’s that my Botox just kicked in.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Dig in! I’m so thankful for all of you who read this blog and support Lipo Queen!

This one’s for you, Rita! Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂