1. marjoriewebb said:

    i am interested in your body shaping suit you wrote about is it the only model you have? is it difficult to use the toilet while wearing it?

    • Hi Marjorie!
      At this time, the “total body contouring” from “bra fat” to thighs is our only model. We will be developing more styles, but we think this is a great one to start with! It really does shrink you down a size!

      • marjoriewebb said:

        thanks lq i ordered mine this morning cant wait to try it out

  2. Penrose Anderson said:

    Dr Trott, thanks for the info on fillers. I trust you implicitly. When I first came to you I was desperate. I had had a parotid tumor removed and the right side of my face was far more hollow in than the left. You filled it expertly and I was so thrilled I asked you to plump up my lips and we also filled out some other places too. The results are totally natural looking and I am told I look great. I am an older patient and delighted to say I was “chatted up” by a stunning guy on a plane recently. Made my year!!! It’s all thanks to you! I feel confident and know my look appears completely “natural.” Incouldnt be more delighted with the results of your artistry. THANK YOU!!!!!

    • Thank you Penny! LOVE getting “chatted up” by a stunning guy on a plane! 🙂

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