Five things you MUST know about lip injections or “How to avoid the Duck Lip Dilemma”


Check out my new You Tube video below, basically a recap of my consistently number one post, “Is it possible to have fuller lips without coming out looking like a duck?” (02/02/2012)




Happy Monday!



  1. Melanie said:

    Sue, it’s Mel Ok, honesty: I really think you should keep pushing your writing. I’m so sorry it has taken me this long to respond to you. But I think writing is your first gift. You are funny. Very, very funny. Actually, after seeing you in this youtube, I think you’re TV. You are a funny, clever gal. I enjoyed watching the youtube just because you made me laugh. I hope you’re well and that perhaps the book deal might be proceeding? Any chance for another conference up in the Bay Area. I’d love to see you again. Take care of yourself and pls stay in touch. You still crack me up 🙂 Mel

  2. said:

    Loved it. You are the Best. Xoxx

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  3. Margaret Reddick said:

    Hi Suzanne.
    I had juvaderm put in the border around lips 2 weeks ago. striving to smooth out wrinkles above upper lip. I had soooo much swelling. I went back to doctor in tears a few days later asking for him to do reversal. He said I was way too swollen and come back in a week. They are definitely better but my upper lip is really full at the vermillion border. I just don’t like he way it looks. I have appointment scheduled with my doctor to do the reversal injections. Question for you…is the swelling generally just as bad as when juvaderm is injected? Or because you are not injecting filler does it seem to be better.
    What is your experience with this?

    • Hi Margaret,
      I am sorry I did not get to this sooner. As you probably realized, it does get swollen but not usually as badly as when filler is placed. One option for the future that I like a lot is injecting a few units of Botox in the upper lip–that gets rid of the lines better than anything. Two units at each cupid’s bow and a unit more laterally on each side. You just might not be able to drink through a straw but who cares? I much prefer no lines!

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