Family Friendly Holiday Entertainment That YOU MAY NOT HAVE ACTUALLY SEEN BEFORE

So, If you’re not helping in the kitchen, it could be starting to feel like that time of day…presents have been opened and put away, you’ve run out of things to talk about with relatives you barely know, and if you have to listen to “Jingle Bell Rock” or even look at a single frame of “A Christmas Story” one more time you’re going to lose it. What is a girl to do in this digital age, when we’ve become so lazy we can’t entertain ourselves without a screen in front of us, yet today is one day that we can’t find anything appropriate that we haven’t already seen a million times before? Besides spiking the egg nog (see previous Christmas Eve post), why not put on a Chick Flick masquerading as a Family Friendly holiday movie? Netflix has at least a few that you’ve probably never even heard of before. As a Chick Flick Guru, I’m shocked that these got past me. So if you’re running dry on novel audio/visual stimulation today, try checking these out:


12 Dates of Chirstmas


“The 12 Dates of Christmas”

This sounds like “Groundhog Day” with Amy Smart instead of Bill Murray and obviously takes place on Christmas Eve instead of the actual Groundhog Day. I’m not saying there’s not potential there.




Christmas Cupid 2


“Christmas Cupid”

An updated Ebeneezer Scrooge tale about a workaholic career woman/Los Angeles Publicist who is visited by the spirits of “Ex-Mas” Past, Present and Future. I predict that by the end she will no longer be a calculating, self-absorbed go-getter who puts work before family. But then how in the world is she going to survive in L.A.?



Holiday in Handcuffs 2


“Holiday in Handcuffs.”

This sounds like “The Proposal,” set over Christmas, starring Melissa Joan Hart and Mario Lopez. Clearly Mario Lopez is the one in handcuffs. What could be better?



Mistle Tones 1

“The Mistle-Tones”

A sing-off movie a la “Pitch Perfect” but with rivals Tia Mowry-Hardrict and Tori Spelling. You decide.

In no way should my notes here be construed as reviews, as I have not seen any of these movies. These descriptions are simply for identification purposes, so you don’t “accidently” choose something with a similar title that has profanity and nudity, and blame me. To eliminate confusion, these are all ABC Family made-for-TV movies.

With or without these fabulous films, I hope you and your family are having a wonderful Christmas!






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