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Not to sound like those annoying Sharper Image emails you’ve been getting, but yes, you read that correctly. This is major so I won’t beat around the bush.

For anyone who is planning on having a “skin reduction procedure” on their body—that would be anything like a tummy tuck, a mini tummy tuck, a body lift, leg lift or arm lift…

We are participating in a clinical trial that is evaluating a new filler called Allofill that eventually will be used in place of the fat when we do fat grafting. That’s crazy, you might think. If I’m going to have fat injection on my breasts, butt or face, I would want to use my own so I can get rid of it. That’s kind of the point of it.

However, there ARE people who don’t have enough of their own fat to have this fabulous procedure. I like to say that “I can get fat out of a rock” but sometimes it’s just not enough to make a difference in the places that we are putting it.

Here’s how the study works:

  • You decide that this time it really is NEW YEAR, NEW YOU and you are finally going to go for it and get rid of that extra saggy, stretched out skin on your abdomen that is driving you crazy.
  • Come in and see us for a consult. (Normally $250 but we are doing complimentary consults for those who would participate in the study.)
  • Visit with the Principal Investigator on the study, Dr. John Joseph, another board-certified surgeon here in Beverly Hills and a good friend of mine. He will inject a small amount of the Allofill underneath about an inch of skin that we are planning on removing.
  • Undergo the procedure one month after the visit with Dr. Joseph. At that time, the skin will be removed. The procedure itself will be discounted for those patients participating in the study.
  • There will be the normal follow-up with us and then a one-month follow-up with Dr. Joseph.
  • And again, not to sound like those Sharper Image emails you’re getting about “cash back” with purchases in the New Year, but at one month you will receive significant monetary compensation from Biologica Technologies, the creators of Allofill.

Not bad, I think.

If there was ever a time to do a tummy tuck in Beverly Hills, I would say it would be now.

And just think, you will be on the cutting edge 😉 (corny pun intended)