VIDEO: Trying on The Vixen!

For those of you trying out your new Lipo Queen Vixen shapewear, or just interested in learning more, here’s a 3-minute video for you to check out! We know The Vixen can be challenging to get on the first time, but trust us, if you’ve measured correctly, it WILL fit, and it will be SO worth it! In this video, one amazing customer tries it on for the first time to see if it really works.

Make sure you watch the entire video to see her results…along with a little twist ending! 😉

Our revolutionary shapewear is already changing lives — and body shapes! 🙂



  1. Penrose Anderson said:

    Awesome and hilarious video of a lovely young woman pulling on her VIXEN SHAPEWEAR. The twist at the end goes to show how amazing the Vixen is and the transformation of her body in the garment cannot be denied. We SEE it in progress.

  2. DD said:

    Yes it’s not easy to pull on but that’s the beauty! It shrinks your size. It’s so worth the struggle and once it’s on, it is very comfortable.

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