Skin Tightening

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Both Accent XL and Pelleve are radiofrequency devices; therefore, they both help with skin tightening and texture.  However, they are different in that Accent XL has two different hand pieces.  One hand piece is unipolar, which means it goes deeper to help with cellulite, fat reduction, and deep tissue tightening.  The other hand piece is bipolar radiofrequency, which means it goes more superficial to help with skin texture on the skin surface.  The Pelleve uses monopolar radiofrequency which helps with fine lines and lifting without reducing facial fat.

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P.S.  Some of you may think I am contradicting myself by mentioning the Accent XL in association with cellulite reduction. I have not had experience with it myself, but my sources over at AVA MD tell me it does work, so I am going to have to check it out and will give you my verdict…:)

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The latest and greatest Fraxel machine is called the Fraxel Restore.  It is a fractionalized resurfacing laser that has two wavelengths (1550 nm and 1927 nm).  The 1550 penetrates deeper then the 1927, which means it is good for fine lines, wrinkles, acne and surgical scars.  The 1927 wavelength has more superficial penetration and is great for any hyperpigmentation spots (sun spots) as well as Actinic Keratoses (pre-cancerous lesions).  The laser puts microscopic pinpoint holes into the skin called microscopic treatment zones (MTZs), which in turn spares the surrounding area from injury compared to traditional CO2 laser resurfacing where the entire area is injured.  This also allows for less healing time and less risk than traditional CO2.  These small wounds trigger your body’s healing response system to produce collagen and elastin in the treated areas. There is about 5 days of redness and swelling after Fraxel before one starts to see the results. Even though results start to take effect within the first week, Read More

Okay, this Fraxel® definitely worked. I noticed a difference as soon as the swelling went down when I caught a glimpse of myself in a three-way mirror. Three-way mirrors can be scary, but they keep you honest. My jawline looks smoother, and my skin texture feels better. I will say that it was swollen for two days, which was not a good look without the scarf. However, it wasn’t crazy–if you didn’t know me you would have just thought I had a fat neck. I’ve had those horizontal tree-trunk rings around my neck since I can remember so I always assumed they were genetic and never bothered to address them, but Christine says no, they probably just started at a young age on me because I sleep on my side. So that’s great.  But now I really think they’re less noticeable. My husband used to call me “ET neck,” and I haven’t heard it for days. I will need two more treatments, but I’m not afraid, because with an hour of numbing cream beforehand, it really didn’t hurt. And apparently Fraxel® is the way to go for the neck, even though you have to do it in a few treatments. My sources tell me that although the CO2 Laser is a one-shot deal, not only is there significant downtime (which isn’t practical for most of us) but there is significant risk of Read More

So Christine and her equally awesome sister Karianne–who is a nurse at Ava MD—and I had a Fraxel® party on Friday. The Fraxel® laser does skin resurfacing for wrinkles, acne scars, sun spots, and surgical scars (and it’s less harsh than the time-honored C02 laser, that works but can leave you red for weeks.) Christine was completely honest with me about how it temporarily makes you scary swollen and has about five days of downtime on the face, so I chickened out and just did my neck because I had a meeting the next day. With numbing cream on an hour before it really didn’t hurt much at all, and it got red but not outrageous. The next day it was pretty swollen but now, forty-eight hours out, it just feels a little tight (which was the point, I guess, right?) and a little rough, but not too weird. My skin definitely looks more Read More

I just had my first Pellevé™ skin tightening treatment a few days ago and I have to say, I am impressed. The skin around my eyes definitely looks less “crinkly”—no matter how hard I smile!–and there was no downtime at all. Even my husband agreed there was an improvement, and he never notices anything. I take that back. He would probably notice if I got a breast aug.

Christine at Ava MD is really excited about this new laser, and I totally trust her. I have also seen a lot of good reviews about it online. My next treatment is in a month. At that time we are also going to try the Accent™ skin tightening Read More