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Sorry, I couldn’t resist. It’s just that every time I went to my browser yesterday I was confronted with this tragic confession by the gorgeous French actress who I’ve never heard of and her “botched” plastic surgery, specifically her “disastrous lip job.”

She goes on to generally diss the entire field of plastic surgery, talking about how “…it is a grave act in which you don’t necessarily foresee all the consequences. Just the idea of an injection these days devastates me. So I don’t know how I will get through these stages (of middle and old age).”

This is the kind of negative press that makes plastic surgeons look like a bunch of money-hungry vultures trying to ruin everyone’s face for their own financial gain.

It’s obvious what’s going on here. She’s someone whose livelihood depended on her youthful beauty and couldn’t stand to see herself get old at all. Trust me, I know the scenario. I’m not excusing any plastic surgeon for what has been done to her, but I would bet money on the fact that she asked for the facelift, the browlift (look at how much higher her eyebrows are than they were in the picture of her below from when she was in her twenties) and the fillers that she most likely has pulling and stretching her face to iron out all the wrinkles, until you can’t tell what age she is anymore. The combination of the “duck lips,” “surprised” brow and artificially smoothed out skin has stripped her of all expression in her face. (See my John Schneider even hotter as an adult and somewhat related tips on Botox for comparison).

What I’m saying is, you can’t come to any conclusions when a has-been celebrity who–out of nowhere–gets on a soapbox, slandering plastic surgery to get attention. (I mean, come on, am I the only one who’s never heard of her? And I’m a serious then-and-now pop-culture junkie–I can name all of Brad and Angie’s kids as well as all of the John Hughes movies and who starred in them. The weekly tabloid subscriptions to my office make it easy to keep up.)

So what DID happen to Emanuelle Beart’s lips since her days as Tom Cruise’s stunning co-star?

It would be obvious to anyone who’s read my Duck Lips post: She had a long upper lip to start with, and it lengthened as she aged, and plumping it up only made it worse. She also must have had something permanent like silicone injected in there–Restylane®Juvederm® or any other hyaluronic acid or even collagen wouldn’t be there twenty years later. Yes, that silicone is a bitch to get out. Another reason to stay in the U.S. for procedures–in this country it is illegal to inject free silicone into someone’s face or body.
It’s unfortunate that she’s been “overdone” but I can almost guarantee that she’s had more than one round of procedures, and not just because the evil French plastic surgeon forced her into them.

Her tell-all articles are perfect examples of the ignorantly written press that gives plastic surgery a bad name. Yes, she looks awful. But it’s like saying you should never get in a private jet because “those small planes are dangerous.” Depends on who’s flying it. Personally, as long as there’s a certified pilot, if a friend offered me a ride on a private jet, I’d take my chances.

So that’s the key. Do your research, know your pilot. And don’t let stories like this scare you! There are plenty of talented, tasteful, ethical plastic surgeons out there in the world who can help you look better without ruining your face and body.

And have a great day! I’m on my way to the office to do some tasteful injections. 🙂



P.S. Now you might read the article in a slightly different light:

Baggy lower eyelids are actually caused by the fat that pouches out from inside the orbit (eye socket). The thin skin and muscle that hold the fat in place loosen as we age. Combined with the gradual loss of the youthful fullness of our faces, these fat pockets become even more prominent. In some of us it’s genetic. At least once a week I’ll have a patient stare at their reflection in the hand mirror and—with that deep sigh of resignation—say: “I’ve had them my whole life, just like my mother/father.”

No matter the cause, under-eye bags can make you look tired and sad when you’re not, and it’s just not a good look for anyone.

In case you’re one of those fortunate few who are too young and/or genetically blessed to even know what I’m talking about, below are some obvious examples contrasting Charlize Therons youthful, flat “lid-cheek” junction with the separation of the lower lid and cheek and the tear trough that occurs as we get older, such as in Donald Sutherland:

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Absolutely. There is such a severe stigma attached to getting lip injections with fillers like Restylane® and Juvederm™, and it’s just because the only ones everyone knows about are the bad ones. I personally have never had a patient come in asking me to make her lips look fake. The words I hear over and over again are: “Just the littlest bit, really, I don’t want anyone to know.” The truth is, most plastic surgeons and dermatologists are quite skilled at lip injections (and you probably have friends who are well aware of this and are not owning up). So you should not deprive yourself of having better, fuller, more youthful lips. Just be aware of the basics of lip aesthetics, and make sure your doctor is on the same page:

1)      Youthful lips are full only centrally, not all over. Compare this newborn baby’s lips to the Housewife’s:

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