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…those who are interested in plastic surgery, and those who are interested in plastic surgery and won’t admit it.

The first group find their way into someone’s office. The closeted group is secretly searching the internet about procedures, winding up on blogs like this one. Which is why it’s here. Not only is my goal to answer questions that people are afraid to ask, but to de-stigmatize the words, “plastic surgery.”

Not that there’s a stigma here in L.A., where it’s a badge of honor to walk around Whole Foods with a splint on your nose, and everyone calls their plastic surgeon by their first name. But I think the media—especially reality television and makeover shows (The Swan, anyone?)–scared the rest of the country away.

The Extreme Makeover show was just, well…too extreme. Not only did it make everyone involved–from the patient to the producer—seem beyond ridiculously superficial, but after being redone from head to toe, those patients were almost unrecognizable, which is what frightens most people about plastic surgery.  Nip/Tuck was a brilliant show. But even though the producers consulted with plastic surgeons (and I know because I was one of them) for medical information, the storylines were purposely taken to the extreme. The writers didn’t want to know about “routine” plastic surgery. And why would they? It’s safe and boring and doesn’t make for good TV.

It doesn’t help that in entertainment, plastic surgeons are almost always depicted as egocentric, mercenary fame-whores. How could you take a plastic surgeon seriously after watching Dr. 90210? Read More