about us


I am a double board-certified plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills who has performed thousands of body contouring procedures over the past two decades. Through no fault of my own, my perfectionist  approach to removal of fat in body sculpting procedures earned me the nickname of “Lipo Queen” early in my career. 

Also early in my career I recognized the need for a comfortable, effective and invisible-under-your-regular-clothes  postoperative compression solution for my recovering patients. Having unsuccessfully tried all brands and styles, I realized I was going to have to create my own. This is how the Vixen—the first true postoperative garment created by a plastic surgeon who understands the necessary vectors of compression—came to be. However, we soon learned that the Vixen was being used as everyday shape wear by patients’ friends and family. And that is how Lipo Queen® became the first line of body sculpting shapewear that can replicate the results of surgical contouring.

Our custom made Lipo-weave™ power mesh is breathable, comfortable and fits like a second skin seamlessly under your clothes. Many clients have described the supportive and comforting feeling of wearing it like “a hug.” 

I know you are going to love it!