What problems does The Vixen solve?

The Vixen provides body sculpting for almost all of those "problem" areas.  Our strong, breathable fabric helps flatten your belly pouch while also lifting your butt and smoothing out your bra fat, back fat, “saddle bags,” and inner thighs. The double paneling of material usually decreases your waist size by a couple of inches. It can get you back in those jeans that are just a little snugThe straps are removable and the top of the garment usually DOES NOT ROLL DOWN when folded and tucked into a strapless bra. 

Is the Vixen good to wear after pregnancy, when I want to be “held together” with some compression?

 The Vixen is perfect for the post-maternity period.

Why is the Vixen different than other brands?

The Vixen is the first shapewear designed by a female plastic surgeon who has specialized in body contouring for almost two decades. It is the first shapewear that will give you support and an actual body sculpting result. Dr. Trott knows the correct vectors that will shape your body. Rather than squeezing you in like a stuffed sausage, The Vixen enhances your body’s curves while smoothing out those pesky areas like bra fat, back fat, “saddle bags,” and inner thighs. Our breathable, comfortable material feels like a second skin under your everyday clothing. 

Where is the Vixen made and why?

The Vixen is designed in Beverly Hills and manufactured in Colombia, which is the epicenter of shapewear manufacturing. It is well known that the Faja – a compression garment or waist trainer - is a significant part of Latina fashion and plays a very important role in the Colombian culture. We are proud to partner with Colombian manufactures with years of expertise designing Fajas to create the best shapewear for you.

Where can I find the Vixen?

For now, the Vixen is available online through our website www.lipoqueen.com

How much does the Vixen cost?


Who is the Vixen for?

The Vixen is for anyone who wants to wear shapewear that will give them support and an actual body sculpting result.

Is there anyone that CANNOT wear this garment?

The Vixen is designed to be seamless for all shapes and sizes.

There are women who are familiar with wearing shapewear, and they may easily slip in and out of it. If you are not a “shapewear wearer” and do not desire any contouring of your body, the Vixen is probably not for you.

It does stretch after you put it on the first time--just enough for it to become easier to get on, as it shapes to your body.

How do I measure myself for the Vixen?

The Vixen is sized by waist sizes. There is a size chart to help guide you. Use a tape measure if you can.

If you have a very curvy shape where your waist is much smaller than your hips and you are not used to putting shapewear on, you may want to go up a size on the size chart. 

How do I get this thing on? It’s never going to fit!

If you ordered the size that matches your waist measurement, it will fit. For women who are not used to wearing shapewear, it can be tough to get on the first time—especially if your waist is much smaller than your hips. If it is, you may want to go up a size on the size chart.

See our video of “How to put on the Vixen” on this website, just to show you that it will fit. And once it’s on you will be pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it is—you might actually forget you have it on.

How do I go to the bathroom in this?

The Vixen is made to be worn underneath your underwear and has an opening for easy restroom use - the LQ Gap™. No need to take everything off every time!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, the Vixen can be shipped internationally

What is this product made from?

The Vixen is 67% nylon, 33% spandex. It is latex-free and animal cruelty-free, and is made and shipped with Fair Trade.

How to take care of this product:

The Vixen can be hand washed, dried flat, and you can put it on a light dryer warm temp for ten minutes


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